Regardless of your goals, you need a plan to get there

As a Certified Triathlon Coach, Fitness Trainer and athlete, I can lay down the foundation of your plan to help you achieve what you may have thought to be impossible.

Personal Fitness

Are you looking for a workout in your own home that will:

  • help you lose weight,
  • have a personal coach hold you accountable to your workouts,
  • increase your flexibility,
  • develop your core strength,
  • increase your cardio,
  • keep you safe,
  • increase your agility?

Then look no further. Fitness By Shawna has gone mobile….yes we will come to your home or neighborhood.

If you are a business looking to have classes held on site, please e-mail us directly to set up scheduled sessions for your staff

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Strength Training

Whether your goal is to increase your current mobility or to enhance your current athletic performance, a solid strength training program is key. Strength training offers the following benefits:

  • Scientifically proven to increase bone density which naturally decreases with age if we do not address it,
  • Reduces risk of injury,
  • Increases proprioception and agility,
  • Enhances athletic performance through muscle development,

If you are interested in joining an existing group training class, or would like to arrange a personal session, contact me directly:

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Through working with me, your health and goals are in my best interest. Whether you are new to fitness, a high performance athlete or someone in between, I can help you make improvements to your life. Services I offer under this area include:

  • 1 on 1 coaching sessions for swimming, cycling or running
  • 1 on 1 coaching sessions for strength training
  • Training evaluation and consultation
  • Training plans for specific events

For more information contact me at:

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