Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Training

How Coach Shawna improved my sport of tri

Shawna is a great coach with lots of knowledge and experience in health and fitness. She has a heart to help people become healthy and fit so they can live a healthy and active long life and become the best they can be. Her love for people, health and fitness has touched and changed the lives of many people. She has inspired me by her hard work, dedication and perseverance and her own athletic accomplishments. I highly recommend her as a coach; you will see great results in your strength and health as well as your performance.


I hired Coach Shawna so I could focus on what I enjoy and do best…training and racing. For me, the single most important aspect of having a Shawna is that she takes all the guesswork out of my training regimen. She designs my workouts to meet my goals and I simply have to execute! I give her feedback and she does the critical thinking and planning! She is awesome and it has been a rewarding and learning experience. Don’t over think it…and ease up on all that internet research. Stick to the Plan! Thanks Coach Shawna…looking forward to 2016. As she always says…Yours In Health!