Believe in Yourself…

It’s not a perfect world…regardless of your story, we choose our attitude. Being healthy gives you energy and helps you maintain a positive outlook on life. Achievements do not come without commitment, mental focus and a holistic approach to being healthy. This includes maintaining a balanced lifestyle, healthy nutrition and having a guide by your side.

Not everyone has had the opportunity to be exposed to an active lifestyle; it’s my vision to help others adapt this lifestyle for a longer and healthier life. Making change or enhancing your current abilities is possible…let me guide you through the process. I am blessed to have the athletic opportunities that I have had and strive to be the best that I can be both as a coach and an athlete.

In addition to competing myself as an elite level Triathlete, I am a certified USAT Triathlon Coach and hold several other fitness certifications.  When I am not biking, swimming or running, I am increasing my fitness level in other ways that I have learned from my fitness training.

I have been blessed to have achieved the following throughout my personal athletic career:

– Boston Marathon Qualifier and Finisher

– US Nationals Triathlon Qualifier and Finisher

– US Triathlon All American

– Canadian World’s ITU Age Group Qualifier and Finisher

– First Place Age Group Calgary 70.3

– Ironman World’s 70.3 Qualifier (4 consecutive years)

– National Consecutive ranking of 2nd and 3rd Age Group Ironman 70.3 Series
– Worldwide ranking of 13th Age Group Ironman 70.3 Series (top 5%)
– Overall Female several local triathlons

Believe in it and it will happen…through my journey and personal achievements I will help you reach your goals and help you to discover what you thought would be unimaginable.

Yours in health,